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Score cleanup 3. Save Song ­ compare with project10/7. 190 It's time to do some layout work, so: 1. In the Arrange window, ensure that all the sequences are glued together. Make them start and end together too, otherwise bars will be missing on the full score. Do this by dragging the corners of the objects. In the Arrange window, Select All [Edit > Select All]. Open the score. From the score, change the view to Page Edit. Doubleclick in the Instrument Set box, or use the menu [Layout > Instrument Sets...]. The Instrument Set window opens (Figure P10.18). 2. 3. Figure Figure P10.18. Instrument Set box and Instrument Set window 4. In the Instrument Set window, rename the set Full Score. In the Full Name column enter names for the brass section ­ Trumpet 1, 2, 3 and Solo Trumpet ­ and names for the rhythm section ­ Guitar, Bass and Drums. Enter abbreviated names in the Short Name column.