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Score cleanup 189 Figure Figure P10.15. Changing note heads When you insert chord symbols make sure they are at the correct bar position. Watch the Info Line above the staff. Aquick way to alter notes of the same pitch in a sequence: In the Matrix Edit window, select the note(s) you wish to change on the keyboard. All the notes in the sequence will be selected. Simply drag them all to the new pitch. Save Song ­ compare with project10/5. To apply accents and other symbols to notes, drag them from the symbols group in the Part box onto the note heads. Logic will snap them in place. The symbols will remain in position even if you move or transpose them. Musicians need more than just notes on the staff to correctly interpret a written piece of music. Articulation markings are particularly important. 1. 2. Return to Track 1 ­ Brass 1 / Tpt 1, and open the score. Click on the first note in bar 34 (Bb4). A glance at the Info line above will tell you that this note received more velocity than the note following. So did the notes at 34. 2. 3.1 (Ab4) and 34.1.1. (G). They were clearly accented and we need to point this out to the trumpet player, so: Info Tip Tip 4.