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Score cleanup 188 Figure Figure P10.12. Bb chord symbol 5. Enter the remaining chords. Type exactly as listed and Logic will automatically interpret the chord symbol. Here's the full list. Note (At bar 2 type Bb) At bars 4 and 8 type F At bar 6 type Bb At bar 10 type Cm At bar 12 type Db/Gb At bar 14 type Gb 6. At bar 16 type F When you reach bar 12, type the Db first then double-click on the chord symbol and up pops an edit window (Figure P10.13). Here you can enter the bass note ­ Gb. Figure Figure P10.13. Chord Edit window 7. Select all the chord symbols ­ they will blink ­ and copy and paste them to bar 18. Things are much clearer but we don't need the note display as well as chord symbols. We could leave them, it doesn't really matter. Although a little time-consuming, it's better to delete them. 1. 2. Delete all the notes except the bottom note on each stem. Open the Matrix Edit window [Windows > Open Matrix Edit] and use the keyboard to select all the G notes (Figure P10.14). Drag them down to F (bottom space on the staff). Do this with the other remaining notes until all the notes are F. Figure Figure P10.14. Selecting notes 3. Back in the Score view, select all the notes ­ they blink ­ and from the Part box, drag a slash note-head symbol onto the first F. All the notes change to a slash symbol (Figure P10.15).