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Score cleanup 186 Figure Figures P10.6a and b. Overlapping notes, before and after 2. 3. 4. 1. Select Track 3, glue all the sequences together and open the Score Editor. This time just turn on Interpretation in the Display Parameters box. Everything is cured, including the overlapped notes. Actually, using Interpretation alone would have sufficed on the other two brass tracks but I wanted to explain how the individual functions affect the display. Select Track 4, glue the sequences together and open the Score Editor. Again turning on In- terpretation is all that's required for a readable display. That's the brass section done. Save Song ­ compare with project10/2. Select Track 6 (bass) and open the score. Oh dear! This is enough to drive any self-respecting bass player completely crackers! It's a jumble. Parts like this have been handed out though, believe me! (Figure P10.7).