some rock 'n' roll piano Info 10 In the Extended Sequence Parameters box, Q ­ Strength determines how far notes are moved towards the quantize grid position. In my case 75% towards the nearest eighth note. Q ­ Range prevents notes being quantized within a set range. A negative value acts in reverse and will quantize notes outside the specified region. This is useful for tightening up sloppy playing (never use it myself of course!). Take 2 Track 1: Grand Piano | Right Hand Sequence Parameters box: Qua off (3840) Instrument Parameters box: Cha 1, Prg 0 Transport Bar: (L) Left 1.1.1. (R) 5.1.1 In Take 1 we applied our quantize parameter settings after recording a sequence. This time we will set them first. Follow these steps: 1. Select Track 1 (Right Hand) and enter 1/8 ­ Note in the Sequence Parameters box. In the Extended Sequence Parameters box ­ we left it open, remember ­ enter the Q ­ Strength that you found effective when applied to Take 1. Now record the first four bars of the right hand piano part (Figures P1.6 and P1.7). If it is difficult to play, try playing the two harmonies separately on different passes. Note 2.