some rock 'n' roll piano 8 Figure Figure P1.1. Rock `n' Roll Piano score Take 1 Note Track 2: Grand Piano | Left Hand Sequence Parameters box: Qua off (3840) Instrument Parameter box: Cha 1, Prg 0 Transport Bar: (L) Left 1.1.1. (R) 5.1.1 Follow these steps: 1. Record the first four bars of the left hand part (Figures P1.2 and P1.3). You don't have to use your left hand only. This is not a piano lesson! Use both hands if it makes it easier. I do. You may prefer to load project1/1.1 first and listen through before you begin recording. Figure Figure P1.2 (above). The left hand piano part Figure Figure P1.3 (left). The left hand piano part, Matrix view 2. Listen back, preferably at the correct tempo (100 bpm). The chances are ­ depending on your keyboard playing ­ that it will sound a bit ragged. Mine did! No matter. Select the recorded sequence and use the drop-down menu to apply a quantize value of 1/8 ­ note in the Sequence Parameters box (Figure P1.4).