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Chapter 9. Minimalism - Pg. 154

154 Chapter 9. Minimalism Minimalism, as a musical art movement began in the early 1960s and was brought to prominence by Terry Riley with his enormously influential piece titled `In C.' It has been growing steadily ever since and composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Adams and Michael Nieman, are all very successful in this genre, writing music for film and theatre as well as concert works. Indeed the music of Glass and Reich is now so frequently imitated that the style can be heard on all manner of television commercials and incidental music. To examine the Logic files for this chapter, copy the folder named `minimal' from the CD to your computer. The cyclic and repetitive techniques used in minimalism often produce music of a static nature ideally suited for use with the moving image in the form of atmospheric soundtracks. These same techni- ques also make it ideal music for composing within sequencers such as Logic. However because the music is essentially repetitive, many people mistakenly believe that all they have to do is com- Info