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Chapter 8. Creating illusions ­ a big band radio jingle - Pg. 135

135 Chapter 8. Creating illusions ­ a big band radio jingle Info To examine the Logic files for this chapter, copy the folder named `big band' from the CD to your computer. Jack has a small studio setup and runs Logic Audio software. Some local jingle work has been coming his way recently and a client calls to say that he needs some big band swing music, 1940s style. He really liked the Vangelis 1980s style synth music Jack supplied for the last job, but this is a bit different. A jazz big band is comprised of 17 instruments for a start and some pretty smart arranging techniques are needed. He decides to take on the challenge, confident that he can handle the sequencing. A friend, fresh from music college, agrees to score the 30 seconds of music re- quired. A day or so later his mate arrives clutching a `hot' score for five saxes, four trumpets, four trombones and rhythm section but they soon realize that no matter how skillfully things are sequenced using