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A look at musical form 100 This extract is from a Haydn Piano Sonata (Figure 4.2). Track 1 contains the right hand parts and Track 2 the left. You will notice that the Marker contains a reference to the form. Section A is 16 bars long. It is in fact an eight bar segment played twice. Figure Figure 4.2 (left). haydn.lso An analogy: Think of A as the home page on a themed Internet site. B is a contrasting section and consists of nine measures. The rhythmic structure and phrasing are similar to the A section but the harmony sets it apart. The scenery is familiar but we've definitely left the home page. The piece finishes with a note for note repetition of A. Back home! It would be more accurately described as an AABA structure. Here's another example ­ form/minuet ­ this time from Bach's French Suite (Figure 4.3).