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Chapter 2. Get real with MIDI > Quantization - Pg. 21

Get real with MIDI 21 Figure 2.12. Modulation on Track 2 Rhythm guitars need to be approached carefully. Although a real guitar has six strings, things can get very muddy if we try to faithfully reproduce this with a synthesized MIDI guitar. We will also use up valuable polyphony and on a busy sequence, this could result in the unexpected drop out of notes on other instruments. Try using less notes in a chord. Real guitarists do not always use all six strings anyway. Often three notes are all that is needed if the guitar is used in the background. Open spacing can give the illusion of depth. For example, a chord of C major ­ C3, E3, G3 (Figures 2.13a and 2.13b) could be played as G2, E3, C4.