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Get real with MIDI 22 Figure 2.14. Selecting Quantize Standard quantization is fine for many uses but if a less rigid result is required we can further adjust the values in the Extended Sequence Parameters dialog box (Figure 2.15). The three most useful parameters are: 1. Q-Strength: Changing the percentage value here will enable you to determine how far notes are shifted towards the quantize grid position. A value of 100% will provide full quantization. A value of 0% leaves everything unquantized. Which percentage you choose is really deter- mined by how accurately you played in the first place and how tight you want things to sound. Q-Range: Setting a `capture' range here will determine which notes are quantized to the near- est quantize grid position. A tick value is used. A value of 0 will quantize the lot, a negative value will quantize only those very wayward notes outside the set range, and a positive value will quantize those notes within it. How you set this range depends mainly on how you played and what you want to hear. Confused? Don't worry. A good visual indication of what's actually going on can be seen in the Matrix Edit window. The final decision though, is down to your ears! They should be your true guide. Experiment. Q-Swing: This will impose a swing feel to the music and is expressed in percentage terms. A 2. 3.