MIDI sequencing: make it easy on yourself 2 Figure 1.2. Increase the tempo Tip To avoid accidental recording of tempo changes, ensure that `Allow Tempo Change Re- cording' in `Recording Options' is unchecked [Options > Settings > Recording Options...] (Figure 1.3). Figure 1.3. Uncheck `Allow Tempo Change Recording' Tip A Cycle, once set up, can be dragged around on the Bar Ruler with the mouse. Break it down This is very important. Why play large chunks of music and get it repeatedly wrong? Make good use of all this technology. Break the music down into manageable chunks. An eight-measure section can very easily be recorded in two four-measure sections or even smaller. It is important though, particularly if the material is melodic, to identify phrases, and record them intact where possible. This will help you avoid any loss of continuity and `feel' that may be lost through recording this way. If the music is of a rhythmic character, you will probably be able to break things down into significantly smaller segments. Only where necessary of course. Don't overdo it and actually increase your