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Chapter 1. MIDI sequencing: make it easy on yourself - Pg. 1

1 Chapter 1. MIDI sequencing: make it easy on yourself Freddie is frustrated. For over an hour, as part of a college assignment, he's been slaving away on his MIDI keyboard, attempting to record a piano part into Logic Audio. Trouble is, Fred's main in- strument is guitar and although he has a basic knowledge of reading music, his keyboard skills leave a lot to be desired. The piece is only eight measures long and in a simple rock style but each time he does a `take' there is always something wrong. Sometimes it's out of time, other times it contains bum notes. `I could be here all day,' he thinks, `and still not get it right.' I know how he feels. It's a common myth that you have to be a good keyboard player to succeed at arranging and composing. My main instruments are clarinet and saxophone, and I too, am a `tech- nically challenged' piano player! However, I do manage to write a great deal of music despite my lack of technique. It was a problem until powerful sequencer programs such as Logic appeared on the scene. Now I can actually play the music I write! You can do the same. Here are a few pointers, but first an analogy.