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MIDI sequencing: make it easy on yourself 1. 2. 3 Using the Bar Ruler method, set up a cycle region a bar or two either side of the `bad' section you want to replace. Activate the Autodrop button ­ to the right of the Cycle button on the Transport bar (Figure 1.6). The Bar Ruler will divide into two sections. The Autodrop bar appears below the cycle region (Figure 1.7). Figure 1.6. The Autodrop button Figure 1.7. Cycle and Autodrop combined 3. 4. Adjust the Autodrop region to capture the `bad' section. This is done by dragging or using the new Locator window that has mysteriously replaced the word Emagic on the Transport bar! Press the Record button and play along. Nothing is actually recorded before the drop-in point. When you reach it, Logic will automatically `punch in' and record your new, much improved version, and drop-out at the other end. Very handy! There are various options when using Cycle Record. Click and hold the mouse over the Record button on the Transport bar and choose `Recording Options' ... to view and edit Info