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Chapter 12. Creative audio editing - Pg. 194

194 Chapter 12. Creative audio editing Tim's frustrated. He's found the perfect drum loop for his latest project. Trouble is, for hours now he has been tearing his hair out trying to match the tempo of Logic with that of the loop. He's scrolled the tempo on Logic's Transport bar with the mouse so many times that his arm is beginning to hurt. `It's somewhere between 125 and 130 bpm,' he mutters, `but I'm damned if I can nail it down.' Some time later (we'll not mention just exactly how long!) he finally settles on 127.2937 bpm, but this is by no means certain. `It'll have to do,' he thinks. Tim begins adding a bass line and a few keyboard licks to what seems a promising project. After a while he pauses to evaluate things and plays it through. `Seems a bit slow,' he thinks. `It would be nice to move it up a notch or two.' He increases the tempo by several beats per minute. `That's better. Wait a minute though, something sounds wrong. Of course, the audio doesn't fit now that I've altered the tempo. How am I going to fix it so that the audio follows my new tempo?' he asks himself. `Oh well, back to the original tempo. What was it now? Oh no! I've forgotton. I think it was somewhere around 127 bpm.'