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Chapter 11. Knowing the score - Pg. 181

181 Chapter 11. Knowing the score To examine the Logic files for this chapter, copy the folder named `minimal' from the CD to your computer. Rebecca's got the job. She's been sending demos and making follow up calls to a small independent TV production company in her area for some time now and they have finally given her a chance. They sent her a video. She composed some music using Logic, mastered it to DAT and dropped it off personally. `Great,' they said. `How about a live version, played by real musicians?' `No problem,' replied Rebecca, `I can print the score and parts direct from Logic.' `We'll book the studio and hire the session musicians,' they said. Rebecca went home a very happy person indeed. A week later Rebecca arrives at the studio and peers through the control room window at the motley bunch of musicians sitting around drinking cups of coffee and reading newspapers. Scraps of con- versation can be heard through the studio monitors. `My central heating has bust again ... I still haven't been paid for the last session we did here ...' Info