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Chapter 10. Dance music - Pg. 170

170 Chapter 10. Dance music To examine the Logic files for this chapter, copy the folder named `loops' from the CD to your computer. Dance music started in the mid 1980s and nobody thought it would last. Here we are in the twenty- first century and it's still with us and getting stronger. Why is it so popular? Because people love dancing to it. More to the point, young people love dancing to it, and that's why it is being featured more and more in radio and TV commercials targeted specifically at the young. It also forms a backdrop to many sports, motoring, even wildlife programs on TV as well as frequent use in drama, soaps and films. Info Styles and loops Of course, there are many styles within this genre ­ House, Garage, Trance, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Ambient to name just a few ­ but when used as background music the actual style is not so