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Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC > Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC - Pg. 227

Key Commands for PC Shift Ctrl S Shift Ctrl Home Shift Ctrl End Shift Ctrl Backspace Shift Ctrl T Shift Ctrl Page Up Shift Ctrl Page Down Shift Ctrl B Shift Ctrl U Shift Ctrl D Shift Alt A Shift # Shift B Alt Ctrl A Alt Ctrl G Alt Ctrl N Shift Alt Ctrl Shift Alt Ctrl Shift Alt Ctrl Shift Alt Ctrl Event Window Up Down Scroll to Previous Event Scroll to Next Event Stems: Default Stems: Up Stems: Down Stems: Hide Ties: Default Ties: Up Ties: Down Beam Selected Notes Unbeam Selected Notes Default Beams Default Accidentals Enharmonic Shift: # Enharmonic Shift: b Align Object Positions Vertically Settings: Global Format Settings: Numbers Names Home Insert: Slur Up End Insert: Slur Down C Insert: Crescendo D Insert: Decrescendo 227