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Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC > Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC - Pg. 226

Key Commands for PC Shift O Shift A Ctrl + Alt Ctrl + Shift Ctrl + Alt Num-/ Num-/ < Shift < Ctrl < Ctrl D Ctrl Backspace T Alt Ctrl R Alt Ctrl F N Shift Ctrl Q L Ctrl L Shift Ctrl L E Tab Find Original of Alias Select All Aliases of Object Merge Objects/Digital Mixdown Audio Crossfade Options for Merge... Merge Objects per Tracks Split Objects by Rounded Song Position Split Objects by Song Position Snip: Cut Time and Move by Locators Insert Time and Move by Locators Splice: Insert Snipped Part at Song Position Demix by Event Channel Delete Trackname Adjust Tempo Using Object Length and Locators Convert Regions to Individual Regions Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files Normalize Fix Quantize Toggle Loop Turn Loops to Real Copies Turn Loops to Aliases Erase Duplicated Events Remove Overlaps 226