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Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC > Appendix 3. Key Commands for PC - Pg. 225

Key Commands for PC Shift F3 F3 Arrange and Various Sequence Editors Alt Ctrl A Shift T Shift F Shift I Shift U Shift E Shift S Shift H Shift P Left Right Shift Left Shift Right Q Tab Shift Tab Ctrl B R Scroll Lock Shift Scroll Lock Deselect All Toggle Selection Select All Following Select Inside Locators Select Empty Objects Select Equal Objects Select Similar Objects Select Equal Channels Select Equal Subpositions Select Previous Event Select Next Event Toggle Previous Event Toggle Next Event Quantize Again Note Overlap Correction Note Force Legato Paste Replace Repeat Objects... Pickup Clock (Move Event to SPL Position) Pickup Clock & Select Next Event Hyper Draw: Other... Hyper Draw: Autodefine 225