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Appendix 2. Key Commands for Mac > Appendix 2. Key Commands for Mac - Pg. 220

Key Commands for Mac Control Option Left Control Option Right Control A Shift O Shift A Option + < Shift < Command < Command D Control Backspace T Control R Control F N Option Q L Option L Shift Option L E Tab Shift Tab Option Tab Control E Control D Control O Shift Option C Shift Option N Environment Window Control Backspace Control C Control P Shift T Shift U Shift D Shift O Control V Control S Score Window Control P Option Command V Right Left Down Up Control S Control Top Explode Polyphony Paste Multiple Next Event Previous Event Next Staff Previous Staff Stems: Default Stems: Up Clear Cables only Hide/Show Cables Protect Cabling/Positions Toggle Selection Select Unused Instruments Select Cable Destination Select Cable Origin Send Selected Fader Values Cable Serially Individual Track Zoom Reset Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks Reassign Alias Find Original of Alias Select All Aliases of Object Audio Crossfade Options for Merge... Snip: Cut Time and Move by Locators Insert Time and Move by Locators Splice: Insert Snipped Part at Song Position Demix by Event Channel Delete Trackname Adjust Tempo Using Object Length and Locators Convert Regions to Individual Regions Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files Normalize Fix Quantize Toggle Loop Turn Loops to Real Copies Turn Loops to Aliases Erase Duplicated Events Remove Overlaps Tie Objects by Length Change Tie Objects by Position Change Erase outside Object Borders Delay in ms Object Content Instrument Colors To Objects Tracknames To Objects 220