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Chapter 2. Getting Started with SONAR 3 > Getting the Latest Product Update

Getting the Latest Product Update

Although automatically receiving new product updates would be nice, most companies can’t afford to send CDs to all their users every time they update their product. That’s one of the reasons why the Internet has become such a wonderful tool. Sometimes the answer to your problem is just a download away. Cakewalk provides a support area on its Web site where you can get the latest updates for SONAR. Just follow these steps to get the updates:

  1. Log on to the Internet.

  2. Start SONAR and choose Help > SONAR on the Web. This will automatically open your Web browser and take you to the SONAR Owner’s Page, as shown in Figure 2.2.

    Figure 2.2. You can download SONAR updates from the SONAR Owner’s Page.

  3. In the section labeled Updates and Patches, click on the name of the update you need. If more than one update is available, simply compare your current version to the updates listed and select the appropriate one. For instance, if you have SONAR 3.0, you’ll want the update that upgrades version 3.0 to the current version.

  4. Click on the Download link for the update, and then follow the instructions to download the update patch.

  5. Create a temporary folder on your Windows desktop and download the update file to that folder.

  6. Run the file. That’s all there is to upgrading—your software is now updated.



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