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Chapter 2. Getting Started with SONAR 3 > What’s New in SONAR 3?

What’s New in SONAR 3?

SONAR has changed a bit from version 2.0. In the interim, Cakewalk provided two free updates (versions 2.1 and 2.2), which included bug fixes and alterations in terms of features. Here’s a brief list of the changes:

  • Open Media Format (OMF). SONAR now supports the new Open Media Format. This allows you to save your project in a standard file format that can be loaded into other sequencing applications. I’ll cover this topic in Chapter 4.

  • Windows Media Advanced Streaming 9 export. SONAR has added support for the new Windows Media 9 streaming file format. You can export your audio to this new format for posting on the Internet. Check out Appendix C, “Producing for Multimedia and the Web,” for more information.

  • Event Properties Inspector toolbar. This is a new toolbar that makes it easier for you to edit the characteristics of single notes in a MIDI clip or track. I’ll cover this topic in Chapter 7.

  • New video features. SONAR allows you to set a video offset and trim for all video media types instead of just AVI files. The new Render Quality property page in the Video Properties dialog box lets you specify preview mode, frame rate, and video size. Check Appendix C to learn about these features.

  • Import Audio multi-selection. The Import Audio feature supports multi-selection, which allows you to import multiple audio files simultaneously. Chapter 6 provides more detailed information.

  • ASIO support. SONAR now supports the ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output) sound card driver specification. If your sound card provides ASIO drivers, you can now access them. I’ll talk more about this in Chapter 3, “Customizing SONAR.”



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