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Chapter 25.  Grooving with Cyclone DXi  > Editing Individual Slices - Pg. 232

232 CHAPTER 17: USING MIDI EFFECTS Using Real-Time Quantize We've already used SONAR's Quantize command to tighten up rhythms, so you've got an idea of its power. The only down side to regular quantization is that it depends on the Undo queue to change your mind. When you use the Quantize effect, you can change the way it works at any time, and even remove the effect completely. 1. Right-click in the FX bin of a MIDI track. The FX menu will open. 2. Point to MIDI Effects. The MIDI Effects submenu will open. 3. Point to Cakewalk FX. The Cakewalk FX submenu will open.