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Your First Malström Patch > Setting Up a Start Point - Pg. 234

2. 3. Select the Saturate Shaper mode by using the Mode button or by clicking on the name. You should immediately hear a strong distorted signal applied to Osc A. Set the Shaper Amount knob to 39 to turn down the distortion effect. Next, let's route Osc B to Filter B and do some more damage. 1. Activate the Route Oscillator B to Filter B button. Filter B should already be activated and ready to use. Also note that the Env button is already active, which means that the Filter Envelope can be used at this time. Set Filter mode to Comb- by using the Mode button or by clicking on the name. Set the Resonance knob to 70. Set the Frequency Filter knob to 99. 2. 3. 4. You can also assign Osc A to Filter B by clicking on the Route Osc A to Filter B button. I would suggest not activating it for this tutorial, because Osc A has a very strong signal of its own. Additionally, you can route Filter B to the Shaper by clicking on the Route Filter B to Shaper button, which is located in between Filter B and the Shaper sections. This will add a pleasant distortion to Filter B, which sounds pretty cool. To finish with the Filter and Shaper sections, use the Filter Envelope on Filter B. Set the envelope parameters to these values: Amount--Set to 32 Attack--Set to 38