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What Is the Matrix? > Steps, Resolution, and Shuffle - Pg. 293

Matrix Tutorials Now that you understand the interface and parameters of the Matrix, it's time to kick things into high gear and learn how to use the Matrix with the Subtractor. Although there are many different Reason devices, the same basic routing and sequencing theory applies to each device, so you can take the information within this tutorial section and apply it to the Malström, NN-19, and the NN- XT. You can also use this information with Dr:rex and Redrum, because they both have CV inputs on their rear panels. After that, the chapter then shows you how to use the Matrix with other Reason devices in ways that you might not have thought possible. Using the Matrix with the Subtractor This tutorial shows you how to connect the Matrix to the Subtractor. Once connected, you'll use the combination together to create a melody or lead line. To top it off, you'll see how to use the Matrix creatively with the Subtractor by connecting it in different combinations. Making the Connection The first thing you have to do is make a basic connection from the Subtractor to the Matrix. This section shows you how Reason can do this automatically as well as shows you how to manually make a connection between the two devices. Before getting started, take a minute to start a new Reason song and create a reMix and Subtractor. 1. Click once on the Subtractor to select it. Then choose Matrix Pattern Sequencer