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Using the Subtractor with the Matrix > Creating a Curve Pattern with the Matrix - Pg. 219

At this point, you can click on the Patch Browser located in the upper-left corner of the Malström interface and load patches from the Reason Factory Sound Bank. As was the case with the Subtractor, Malström patches are organized by their intended use, including the following: Bass FX Mono synths Pads Of course, none of these presets is set in stone, so to speak. You can modify a poly synth patch to be used as a pad, or a mono synth patch to be used as a bass synth. You just have to learn your way around the Malström interface and understand how each part of the interface works. With that thought in mind, continue onward by touring the individual sections of the Malström. You will not load a preset at this time. After activating either of the oscillators, the next task is to select a graintable from the display just to the right of the OSC A and OSC B power buttons. You can select a graintable either by using the scroll buttons of the graintable display or by clicking on the display itself. If you click on the display, a pop-up menu will appear, displaying a very long list of available graintables to choose from (see Figure 10.3). Figure 10.3 The Malström includes many available Percussion Poly synths Rhythmic