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Using the Matrix with the Subtractor > Sequencing the Subtractor with the Matri... - Pg. 297

SHIFT IT UP, SHIFT IT DOWN, SHIFT THEM NOTES ALL AROUND As you might recall from Chapter 7, the Redrum is also a pattern-based sequencer. It's therefore safe to assume that these two pattern-based sequencers share a lot of functions that can be used to achieve different effects with the patterns. Click on the Matrix to select it. Then click on the Edit pull-down menu and you'll see a list of the different options. Because most of these options were mentioned in Chapter 7, I won't go into each one unless there are any differences. Cut Pattern Copy Pattern Paste Pattern Clear Pattern Shift Pattern Left Shift Pattern Right Shift Pattern Up -- This option transposes the pattern up one half step. Shift Pattern Down -- This option transposes the pattern down one half step. Randomize Pattern-- This option randomly generates Note, Gate, and Curve pattern data. Alter Pattern When you finish writing in your sequence patterns, you can either create another pattern by