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Using the Matrix with the Subtractor > Creative Connections with the Subtractor - Pg. 300

Figure 13.20 Connect a virtual cable from the Curve CV output of the Matrix to the Pan CV input of reMix channel 1. This will make it possible to have the Matrix control the panning assignment of reMix channel 1 by way of the Matrix Curve Edit. Figure 13.21 Draw in a curve pattern. By switching to the bipolar curve mode, you can draw in curve values that will affect the left and right channels. 8. Click on Play to start the Matrix Sequencer. You should now hear the sequence panning from left to right. Using the Matrix with Real-Time Effects Although the next chapter discusses real-time effects in more detail, I can't resist showing you how to use the Matrix with a few choice effects. Using the Matrix with Unison Unison is an effect that is used to reproduce several detuned voices from a single source. It sounds similar to a chorus. In this tutorial, you will connect the Matrix to a Subtractor that is using an instance of Union as an insert effect. Before you begin, start a new Reason song and create instances of the following Reason devices in this order: 1. 2. 3. reMix. Subtractor. Unison. This will make Reason automatically route the output of the Subtractor to the input of the Unison. The Unison's outputs will then automatically be routed to a channel on reMix. The Matrix. Reason will automatically route its Curve CV output to the Detune input on Unison, and this is fine. 4. At this point, you should also draw in a quick note sequence for the Matrix, which will be used to trigger the notes of the Subtractor. Note, though, that you won't hear a sound, as you have not connected the Matrix to the Subtractor.