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3. As the Matrix track is recording, select different patterns and banks. At the same time, look at the Transport Panel and you will see the bright red Punched In LED in the Automation Override section (lower-right corner; see Figure 13.26). When you're finished recording, click on the Stop button. At this point, a purple framed box should appear around the Pattern section of the Matrix, which indicates that automation data has been recorded here (see Figure 13.27). Also, notice that a tan/brown line with data has been written into the Matrix sequencer track. This also indicates that data has been written in here. 4. Figure 13.26 As the Matrix sequencer track is recording, change to different banks and patterns. Try something easy, like changing from pattern A1 to A2 and back. Figure 13.27 There is now automation data recorded on the Pattern section of the Matrix. AUTOMATION IN DETAIL You have briefly read about automation in this chapter, but you can learn more about it in Chapter 15, aptly called "Automation." I have to admit, the first year that I used Reason, the Matrix was not one of my favorite things about the program, because I found it a little awkward and retro. But as I came to desire more pattern-driven elements in my songs, I found the Matrix to be a very welcome device in my Reason studio. This pretty much finishes up the dinner course of your Reason tour. You should now be ready to move on to the dessert course by getting into the real-time effects.