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Using the Matrix with Real-Time Effects > Automating the Matrix - Pg. 306

There are five signal flow charts used to describe the signal flow though the different effects: Chart A--This can be used as a mono-in, mono-out device. Chart B--This can be used as a mono-in, stereo-out device. This means that the effect will create a stereo effect, or can also be used as a mono effect and panned. Chart C--Connecting both inputs and outputs in stereo makes this device a dual mono effect, because both left and right signals will be processed independently. Chart D--The left and right signals are summed, or combined before being processed, which does not make it a true stereo signal. However, the effect itself is a stereo effect. Chart E--This is a true stereo processor, because the effect uses both left and right signals in order to generate a new signal. This process can be found exclusively in the RV7000 Reverb. The remainder of this chapter is a guided tour through each of Reason's real-time effects. RV-7 Digital Reverb Reverberation is probably one of the most important effects needed to create ambience and space in your Reason songs. The RV-7 Digital Reverb is the first of two real-time reverbs available in