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SAVE YOUR CPU -- USE LOW DENSITY Reverbs are without a doubt the most CPU intensive of all real-time effects. With so many variables and algorithms needing to be calculated in real time, using several reverbs like the RV-7 in one Reason song can overload your computer's processor. If you plan to use several instances of the RV-7 within one Reason song, choose the Low Density preset, because it was designed to use less processing power than the others. Once you have selected the preset you want to work with, you can then begin to edit the preset with these available parameters: Size--This knob adjusts the size of the room. Decreasing this parameter will cause the room size to shrink. Increasing the parameter will have the opposite result. Also note that this knob is used to adjust the delay time when using the Stereo Echoes or Pan Room presets. Decay--This parameter adjusts the length of the reverb's decay. Also note that Decay is not used in the Gated preset. Damp--This parameter is used to adjust the equalization of the reverb effect. Increasing this parameter will cut the high frequencies, making for a warm and smooth effect. Dry/Wet--This parameter determines the balance between a processed or wet signal and an unprocessed or dry signal. When using the RV-7 as a send or aux