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AUDITIONING LOADED PATCHES Once a patch has been loaded into the NN-19 interface, you will want to audition it before using it in your song. This can be done by using a MIDI keyboard, or by using the key editor in the Reason sequencer. There is a third way to accomplish this, using your computer keyboard and mouse. Hold the Alt key down (or Option key on the Mac) and navigate your cursor to the keyboard display of the NN-19 interface. The pointer icon will change to a speaker symbol, which you can then use to click on the different keys of the keyboard display to trigger the samples. The NN-19 Virtual Keyboard Display In the center of the NN-19 interface, the virtual keyboard is where all of the preferences are set for the loaded samples (see Figure 11.8). Figure 11.8 The NN-19 virtual keyboard is used to load and assign samples.