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A Guided Tour of the NN-19 It's time to begin an in-depth tour of the NN-19. Toward the end of this chapter, you can further enhance your NN-19 education by following the step-by-step tutorial for creating your own sample patches. Loading Patches At the top-left corner of the NN-19 interface is the patch-browsing interface. This functions in exactly the same way as all of the other Reason devices. USING HI-RES SAMPLES The NN-19 supports just about every bit depth and sampling rate in the book. By default, it will import these various bit-depth files, but it will dither the file to 16 bits upon playback unless told otherwise, which might sound good enough to some, but not to others (myself included). This can be easily remedied by checking the Use High Resolution Samples check box in the General Preferences window (see Figure 11.7). Once you select this option, the NN-19 as well as Reason's other RAM-based sound modules will play high-resolution samples at their original bit depth. Figure 11.7 Choose the Use High Resolution Samples check box to have the NN-19 play files back at their original bit depth.