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Using ReFills with Reason 2.5 > Downloading and Installing a ReFill - Pg. 423

Figure C.9 The Re-scan Files button acts as a refresh button. Sound Locations At some point, you will probably want to move your soon-to-be-growing sample collection to a bigger hard drive to save space. If this is the case, Reason has a perfect solution called Sound Locations (see Figure C.10). These are savable presets that contain references to files that can be used within Reason. Say, for instance, that you have a collection of REX or AIFF/WAV files that you like to use. You can specify where these files are and save their location as a Sound Location. Then, when you use the Patch Browser in the future, you can navigate to these Sound Locations by just clicking on one of the four location buttons at the top. It's an excellent timesaver, which is so important when you are trying to channel creativity! Figure C.10 Sound Locations give you easy access to your files. Let's step through an example of working with Sound Locations.