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NN-XT, NN-19, and Redrum--These are a little more complicated. The basic rule of thumb is that you will need two items to make a ReFill for these devices. First, the NN-19, NN-XT, or Redrum patch file, and then a folder containing the samples that are used for that patch. Figure C.18 shows the contents of the NN-19 Sampler Patches folder found within the ReFill Sample folder. Notice both the patch names and the folder that contain the samples. Figure C.18 The contents of the NN-19 Sampler Patches folder include the patch names and the additional folder that contains the samples. CREATING THE PATCHES If you need to review how to create patches for each of the Reason devices, refer to each device's individual chapter. YOU CAN PACK YOUR REASON SONGS AND MIDI FILES In addition to Reason patch files and samples, you can also include Reason songs and MIDI files in your ReFills. Why is this useful? If you create a ReFill and you want to demonstrate its potential to another Reason user, creating a few demonstrations with MIDI and Reason song files will do the trick. USING COPYRIGHTED SAMPLES As you begin to compile the samples, loops, and patches for your first ReFill, it might be tempting to add in a few samples and loops from your sample CD collection. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. If you plan to use the ReFill just for your own personal use, using copyrighted samples is not a problem. You can create a ReFill containing copyrighted samples and loops and use it within Reason to write and produce songs, just as you can with an audio/MIDI program such as Cubase or Pro Tools. However, you cannot distribute this ReFill to other Reason users, regardless of whether you charge money for it or not. Doing so results in a violation of copyright law. Musicians, producers, and programmers work tirelessly to create, produce, and distribute these samples. Redistributing these samples in a ReFill is a slap in the face to all of those who worked so hard to create them. It's stealing.