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Using the ReFill > Using the ReFill - Pg. 425

5. Using the browser, locate the folder that contains the files you want to use. Once you locate it, click OK. The first Sound Location should now be listed, as shown in Figure C.15. Close the window and create a new Reason song. Create a Reason device that uses the desired files. For example, create a Dr:rex if you want to use REX files that are in your new Sound Location. Click on the Reason device's Browse Patch button. The Patch Browser window will open. Notice that the first Sound Location button is no longer grayed out as it previously was. Click on the first Sound Location button, and now your REX files should be ready for you to use (see Figure C.16). 6. 7. 8. Figure C.15 Now the first Sound Location has been specified. Figure C.16 Make a new Reason song, create a Dr:rex module, and click on the Browse Patch button to