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Using Redrum with the Reason Sequencer > Copying Patterns to the Reason Sequenc... - Pg. 177

Below the waveform display, you'll find the following parameters to edit the REX file (see Figure 8.12). Figure 8.12 Below the waveform display are the available parameters to alter the entire REX file and individual slices of the REX file. Transpose--This knob will move the center key of the loop down or up by half step increments, also called semitones. By clicking and dragging the mouse up or down, you can move the center key up or down. Because this is a real-time process, you can do this while the loop is playing and hear the effect immediately. Slice--This knob allows you to select each slice in the waveform view, by clicking and dragging the mouse up or down. Pitch--The pitch knob transposes each slice within a REX file. Each slice can be adjusted either up or down, giving you a possible pitch range of eight octaves. This is great for creating some interesting rhythmic ideas or mapping the pitches in a chromatic effect. I'll cover some neat uses for this later in the chapter. Pan--The pan knob adjusts the stereo position for any slice within the REX file.