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Modulation Wheel for dynamic control. Do I sound excited or what? But I am getting too far ahead of myself, so let's have a look at the filter. Whenever a Dr:rex is loaded into the Reason Device Rack, the filter is already activated. It can be turned off and on by simply clicking on the Filter power button located at the top of the Filter section. Once the filter is activated, you can select one of five filter modes by either clicking on the individual names or simply clicking on the Mode button: Notch--This filter can be thought of as the opposite of a Band Pass filter. It will reject the mid-frequencies while allowing the high frequencies and low frequencies to pass through. Although not the most dramatic filter effect, it still has a place in the mix for making minor changes to a sample. HP 12--This will filter out the low frequencies while letting the high frequencies pass through. It has a roll off curve of 12 decibels per octave. BP 12--This filters out both the high and low frequencies, leaving the mid frequencies alone to be toyed with. With a roll off curve of 12 decibels per octave, the BP 12 can be used effectively on instrument loops such as a guitar loop or possibly hi-hat heavy percussion loops. LP 12--This filter is similar to the 24dB low pass, but the roll off curve is not as strong, because it has a range of 12 decibels per octave. This makes the LP 12 a perfect solution for creating a filter sweep that is low but not low enough to blow up your speakers.