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Tour the Malström > The Modulator Section - Pg. 229

Audio Outputs These connections are used to output the signal from the Malström to reMix. There are a couple of options. Main Outputs--These are the main audio outputs of the Malström. They are taken from the outputs of the Filter section. Oscillator Outputs--This second pair of outputs is taken directly from the outputs of OSC A and B. If you connect these outputs to reMix, the main outputs will no longer work. Audio Input Another of the many lesser known, yet equally mind-blowing, features of the Malström is the audio input capabilities. These inputs make it possible to route the audio output of any Reason device into the audio inputs of the Malström, which are then directly fed into Filters A and B. Essentially, this makes the Malström an audio effect that is perfect for laying down some intense filter work on your loops, synths, and samples. For kicks, try the following exercise: 1. 2. 3. 4. Create a new Reason song. Create instances of reMix, Malström, and the NN-19. Load a sample patch into the NN-19 and arm the sequencer track to receive MIDI. Press the Tab key to flip the interface. Disconnect the NN-19 from reMix by selecting it and choosing Disconnect Device