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Tour the Malström > The Filter Section - Pg. 226

When an instance of the Malström is created, modulators A and B are active and ready to use. To deactivate either of these, click on their power buttons, which are located at the upper-left corner of each modulator. Take a look at the source parameters of the Modulator section. Curve--This parameter is used to select a modulating waveform. You can either use the scroll buttons to select different waveforms or click and drag up and down on the display. There are over 30 waveforms to choose from, so it should keep you busy for a long time to come. Rate--This parameter controls the speed of modulation. Turn the knob to the left to slow the frequency down, or to the right to speed it up. Also note that if the Sync button is activated, the rate indicator is measured in note values (that is, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16). 1-Shot--When activated, the 1-Shot will play the modulation waveform a single time. Sync--This parameter makes the modulator synchronize with the tempo of your Reason song. A/B Selector--This parameter is used to select which oscillator the modulator will affect. You can select OSC A, OSC B, or both. Once a modulation waveform, rate, and source have been selected, you can choose a destination parameter to be modulated. Note that both modulators have different destination parameters, so I will point those out along the way.