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To activate either Filter A or Filter B, click on their power buttons, found in the upper-left corner of each filter. Also, make sure that the appropriate oscillator is assigned to the desired filter. Filter Types Before altering the Resonance and Cutoff Frequency parameters, you must choose one of five filter types (see Figure 10.10). Figure 10.10 Each of the Malström filters offer five filter types. LP24--This filter allows low frequencies to pass through it, while high frequencies are filtered out. This low pass filter has a very intense roll-off curve (approximately 24 decibels per octave), which produces a greater emphasis of the low frequencies. BP12--Filters out both the high and low frequencies, leaving the mid frequencies alone to be toyed with. With a roll-off curve of 12 decibels per octave, the BP 12 can be used effectively on instrument loops such as a guitar loop or possibly hi-hat heavy percussion loops. Comb +/­ --A comb filter is essentially a series of delays with very short delay