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The Transport Panel > MIDI Sync and Focus - Pg. 103

After you have arranged your tracks in the order that you want, you might also want to duplicate one of the tracks to send it to another Reason device. Why might you want to do that? A little trick that I like to frequently use is to double my bass lines and chords, so that I can thicken up the sound of my mix. To demonstrate this idea, follow along with the next exercise. Use the Tutorial Song as in the last example. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Scroll to the bottom of the Device Rack and click anywhere in the blank area. Select Malström from the Create pull-down menu. Delete the Malström track, but click on the Keep option when the Delete window pops up. Select the Subtractor track by clicking on it. Choose Duplicate Track from the Edit pull-down menu. This will create a duplicate sequencer track right below the original. Note that the output of this new sequencer track is still set to the Subtractor (see Figure 5.37). Click on the pop-up menu of the new track's output column and route it to the Malström (see Figure 5.38). Click on Play. The bass line should now be played by both the Subtractor and the Malström. 6. 7. Figure 5.37 . . . and then there were two.