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The Transport Panel > Locators--the Key to Looping - Pg. 102

Figure 5.34 You can route MIDI data to any Reason device just by clicking on the pop- up menu of any sequencer track and routing it to that device. Mute--Known simply as "M," the Mute column is used to mute individual tracks from within the Track window (see Figure 5.35). You can also solo a track by holding the Alt key down while clicking on the track you want to solo (PC and Mac). Please note that the Alt key on the Mac is sometimes also known as the Option key. Figure 5.35 When a track is not muted, it will display the playback of MIDI data as shown in the figure on the left. If a track is muted, a red "X" is displayed in the sequencer track, as shown in the figure on the right.