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The Synth Parameters > The Waveform Display - Pg. 184

F.Freq is assigned to the cutoff filter of the Dr:rex filter section. When a value is assigned to this knob, the cutoff filter's value will either decrease or increase as the Modulation Wheel is used. F.Res is assigned to the resonance control of the filter section. Depending on where it is set, the resonance control will either increase or decrease while the Modulation Wheel is in use. F.Decay is assigned to decay slider of the Filter Envelope. Depending on where it is set, the envelope decay will increase or decrease. The whole point of electronic music is to experiment and deviate from the norm. The Modulation Wheel is a useful tool for accomplishing that goal. MAKE IT PUNCHY! Here's a quick DIY tutorial on using the Modulation Wheel with the three parameters. Before beginning this exercise, start a new Reason song and create instances of reMix and Dr:rex. Finish off by loading a REX file into Dr:rex. 1. In the Filter section, activate the filter. By default, the filter mode should be set to LP 12 mode, which is fine for this exercise. Now set the Filter Frequency slider to about 25 and set the Resonance slider to 75. Click on the Preview button to hear your REX file in action with the active filter. In the Filter Envelope, set the amount slider to 100%. Then set the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release to 0. In the Modulation Wheel section, set the F.FREQ knob to 32, the F.RES knob to -32, and the F.DECAY to -64. Now use the Modulation Wheel with your mouse or MIDI keyboard and notice how the filter opens up as it is activated. Also notice how the decay amount increases. 2. 3. 4. 5. Creative Uses for Dr:rex with the Reason Sequencer The key to enjoying a long, creative, and fruitful future with Dr:rex and Reason is to try different combinations and ideas. Remember, anything can be routed into anything within Reason. This section goes through a few tips and tricks to fire up the synapses and get the creative juices flowing. Before you begin these exercises, make sure that you start a new Reason song and create instances of reMix and Dr:rex. Finish preparing yourself by locating a new REX file from the Reason Factory Sound Bank and loading it into Dr:rex.