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The Synth Parameters > The Velocity Section - Pg. 266

The Filter Frequency, or cutoff filter as it is also called, is used to specify where the filter will function within the frequency spectrum. Once the Filter section is activated, just click on the Filter Frequency knob and drag your mouse up or down to increase or decrease the cutoff effect. The Resonance knob is used in combination with the Filter Frequency. It emphasizes the frequencies set by the Filter knob, which thins the sound out but also increases the sweep effect. The Keyboard Track knob is used to compensate for the loss of high frequencies as you play higher notes on the keyboard. It can be used to bring the higher played notes to the forefront in a mix. The Envelopes An envelope generator is used to modify specific synth parameters, including pitch, volume, and filter frequencies. By using an envelope creatively, you can control how these parameters are to be modified over a specific amount of time. The NN-XT includes two envelope generators. One is assigned to Modulation and the other is assigned to Amplitude (see Figure 12.8). Figure 12.8 The NN-XT has envelopes for Modulation and Amplitude.