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The Synth Parameters > The Modulation Section - Pg. 265

Load up a bass patch from the Reason Factory Sound Bank and try the following exercise. 1. 2. 3. 4. Select all of the samples in the patch by choosing Edit > Select All Zones. Navigate to the Keyboard Track knob and turn it all the way down by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Arm the NN-XT sequencer track so you can play your MIDI keyboard to hear the effect. All the keys should now be the same pitch. Now turn the Keyboard Track knob all the way up. Play the C3 note on your MIDI keyboard, followed by C#3 and D3. You should hear the same pitch played in different octaves. The Filter Section As with most of the other Reason devices, the Filter uses a combination of resonance and cutoff frequencies to shape the sound and timbre of a sample (see Figure 12.7). Take a look at the available parameters. Figure 12.7 The NN-XT Filter section can be used to alter the timbre of individual samples or an entire selection of samples.