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The Synth Parameters > The LFOs - Pg. 270

LFO 1 Rate The LFO 1 Rate knob is used to control the frequency of modulation within the LFO 1. This knob is active only when the Group Rate mode is selected in the LFO section of the synth parameters. Portamento Portamento is used to create a sliding effect between played notes. The knob determines the amount of time it will take to slide from one note to another. It can be used with either monophonic or polyphonic patches and is a great tool for creating some interesting effects. Try loading a polyphonic patch, such as a string section or piano. Set the Portamento to a value of 45 and play some chords. You will hear a slight sliding effect that makes the patch sound a little funny, but try adding some delay and reverb. After a while, you'll have an ambient masterpiece on your hands. The Key Map Display Occupying the majority of the Remote Editor, the Key Map display is where all the action happens when it comes to importing, grouping, and creating sample patches (see Figure 12.11). There are a few similarities to the NN-19 as you will see, but the NN-XT key map is a much more diverse and mature interface that is intuitive and shouldn't take too long to master. The Key Map display is split up into seven areas: The Info Area--The Info Area is used to display the sampling rate, bit depth, and file size of a selected sample. The Sample Area--The Sample Area is used to list the filenames of the loaded