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Pan--This parameter is used to modulate the panning of a single or multiple zones. It is a great effect to use on orchestral percussion, such as xylophones or glockenspiels. When turned to the left, the panning effect will move from left to right in the stereo field. When the knob is turned to the right, the panning effect will move from right to left in the stereo field. Note that this parameter is available with LFO 2. The Group Parameters Located in the upper-left corner of the NN-XT interface, the Group parameters apply to all of the zones within a selected group (see Figure 12.10). Figure 12.10 The NN-XT Group parameters apply to all tones within a selected group. Polyphony Polyphony determines how many notes can be played simultaneously from the NN-XT. When set to a value of 1, the NN-XT becomes a monophonic instrument, which is perfect for playing lead synth lines or mimicking monophonic instruments, such as a flute or clarinet. When set to a