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Write Your Own Grooves Aside from erasing MIDI notes, you can also rewrite your REX file groove in a couple of ways. Draw in a new sequence using the slices Use a MIDI controller to record a new sequence By using the Pencil tool, you can redraw the MIDI notes that are connected to the different slices in your Dr:rex module. It's easier than it sounds, but it will take a little practice. Before you begin this exercise, start a new Reason song and load instances of reMix and Dr:rex. Load a new REX file into Dr:rex and click on the To Track button to send the MIDI notes of the REX file to the Reason sequencer. Then click on the Switch to Edit Mode button. You should now see the REX Lane Editor. Select the Pencil tool from the toolbar and find the sounds that you want to draw notes for. Choose Edit > Select All to highlight each MIDI note in the editor. Now press the Delete key to erase all of the notes. As you can see in Figure 8.23, you have a clean palette to work with. Next, create a two-bar loop, so that you can work quickly. In the Transport Panel, set your left locator to bar one and the right locator to bar three. Make sure that the loop function is on by clicking on the Loop On/Off button in the Transport Panel. Click on the Stop button twice in the Transport Panel to send the Position Indicator back to the beginning of the sequence. Click on Play. You should now have a two-bar template to work with. Next, choose the note value that you want to draw in. Because this is probably your first time